What Blowouts Do To Your Hair


Are you envious of the volume and style celebrities can get with their hair? Have you ever considered treating yourself to a blowout for your hair?

Blowouts are a great way to pamper yourself (or someone you care about) and leave any hair salon feeling beautiful. Blowouts are also a great option if your hair isn’t quite ready for its next cut and color.

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What Are Blowouts

Professional blowouts dry your hair in a way that gives you drastic volume and smooth hair. They are also a great way to keep your hair healthy and styled, especially if you:

Don’t have the time to dry and style your own hair

Want a look that feels polished and manageable

Are ready for a thicker hair style

Need your hair styled for a wedding, party, or other event

Are looking for an excuse to be pampered at your favorite hair salon

There are many different reasons to take advantage of blowouts, but it’s also important to know what blowouts do to your hair.

At Your Appointment

When you show up for your blowout appointment, your hair is washed and conditioned like during a normal hair appointment. But since you’re getting a blowout, your stylist will skip the cut and color stage. Different products will be put in your hair, depending on the style your hairstylist wants to achieve with your blowout.

Tip: Get the most from your salon services! If you like your blowout, ask your hairstylist what products they’re using so you can grab the same products for your hair!

Using a round brush, your hair stylist will begin blowing your hair with a blow dryer. While drying, your stylist will take different sections of your hair and dry them to create loose, bouncy curls.

The different techniques, like pinning those sections up or using curlers, will vary on your hair salon and your stylist’s blowout method. But the end result will leave you with blown away with amazing hair that gives you (and your hair) confidence!

Get Style That Lasts

Are you worried that your blowout won’t look the same once you leave the hair salon? With the talent and expertise of your hair stylist, your blowout can last anywhere from three to five days!

Knowing that you will get a hairstyle for the entire weekend makes blowouts a great choice for special occasions or a fun weekend with effortless, long-lasting hair.

Tip: After your blowout, make sure you ask your stylist for different tricks to help maintain your hair’s volume and quality.

Less Hair Damage

If you’re looking for an alternative to straightening your hair, blowouts provide a great option that won’t damage your hair like the heat from a flatiron. Blow dryers never get as hot as your flatiron, which means that your hair needs less heat to achieve a stylized look.  

Keratin Complex KCMAX Blowout

In your endeavor to find the perfect blowout, you may have heard about KCMAX blowouts. They are a treatment that works to eliminate frizz, hydrate your hair, provide a protective armor around your hair, and make your hair shiny.

The KCMAX blowout uses a liquid keratin formula that bonds onto your hair, creating a layer of protection around each strand of hair. As a result of the formula, these blowouts can last for up to 12 weeks (much longer than normal blowouts).

Expect your appointment to take longer since you have to apply a treatment to your hair — around 90 minutes. But if you are looking for a blowout that lasts for months and leaves you with gorgeous hair, try a KCMAX blowout! 

Get Blowouts At Moxie Salon & Beauty Bar®

If you’re still hesitant about getting a blowout, don’t be! Blowouts are worth it, no matter if you’re headed to a party or just want to not worry about your hair over the weekend.

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