Friday Ladies Night at Moxie Salon


Whether you plan to say in or go out with your ladies on Friday, make Friday Ladies Night part of your weekly routine.

But before you head out for a night on the town (or a bottle of wine and a movie at home), get moxified. You and your ladies deserve to be pampered in a glamorous beauty bar. That’s why Moxie Salon & Beauty Bar offers a Ladies Night deal.

Stop by Moxie Salon & Beauty Bar Friday night between 5 and 9 p.m. for music, fun, lights, and glam. Get a moxie blowout and makeup for only $89 and pamper yourself with our amazing staff, hospitality bar, and glamorous salon services.

Choose Moxie Salon For Your Ladies Night

Start your ladies night right at Moxie Salon & Beauty Bar in New Jersey.  Don’t spend your Friday night getting ready by yourself. Bring your ladies to Moxie salon for a Moxie blowout and makeup appointment.

Moxie Blowout

Blowouts give you a weekend-long look that leaves your hair voluminous, smooth, and bouncy. Using special shampoo and conditioner and a blow dryer, your hair stylist will give you a styled look that will leave you and your ladies speechless.

Never had a blowout before? Learn more about what blowouts do to your hair!

Do: Leave your hair down and enjoy the results of your blowout for three to five days.

Don’t: Try to style your hair with pins or wash your hair for the two to threes following your appointment. Get the most out of your blowout and enjoy it for the weekend!


Have you ever had your makeup professionally done? We’re not talking about makeup done by your local makeup store to get you to buy their products. We’re talking about a glamorous experience where you can sit back and have trained makeup artists apply your makeup.

Do: Bring photos and be specific with the look you’re going for. Let your makeup artist know what look you’re going for, and let them do the rest. This night is about you, so let yourself feel like a star.

Don’t: Be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Want fuller lashes and dark eyeliner, let your artist know! There is no better time than Ladies Night to try a new look with your ladies!

Now It’s Time For Ladies Night

Now that you and your favorite ladies are moxified, it’s time to plan your ladies night — or weekend! Whether you decide to spend your Friday out on the town or tucked in, make sure to take some pictures with your ladies. You want to show off your hair and makeup!


Don’t let your Ladies Night end with your experience at Moxie salon. Go show off your new hair and makeup. Is there something you’ve never done before? Do it!

Get drinks at your favorite bar or try your hand at a wine and painting class. Whatever you do, you and your ladies will spend the night feeling like stars.

Do: Find the perfect outfit that compliments your makeup, whether you went for a dark smokey eye or something more natural.

Don’t: Waste time with your hair and makeup. Revel in your moxified look and take advantage of all the time you saved at Ladies Night!


Now that you and your ladies have pampered yourself at Ladies Night, there’s no shame in heading home for a night in. Put on a cute outfit and meet at your friends place. You’re dressed up with nowhere to go, and that’s okay!

Looking for something fun to fill the evening? Host a wine-tasting party, catch up on the latest Channing Tatum movie, choose a trending DIY craft, or take some time to catch up with your ladies.

Do: Bring enough wine, cheese, and chocolate to share!

Don’t: Discredit your ladies night! You don’t have to spend a night out on the town to find an excuse to dress up and hang out with your ladies.

Book Your Salon Services At Moxie Salon

Make sure you spend the weekend with your favorite ladies, and start with Ladies Night at Moxie Salon & Beauty Bar in New Jersey.

Book your Friday night salon services now and spend your Friday night with your favorite ladies at Moxie salon!