Should You Wash Your Hair Every Day?


How do you know if you should wash your hair every day? There seems to be no consistent answer to this question — but that also makes sense. In fact, we are here to show you that there is no right or wrong answer. 

We know that shampooing and conditioning is good for your hair. But how long should you go between washing your hair? But any answer to that question relies on a variety of factors, including your hair’s texture, style, and what kind of lifestyle you live. We talked about different hair textures in our last post about conditioning your hair. In this post, we will delve more into what that means in terms of shampooing your hair and how to know how often you can wash your hair. 

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Shampooing Your Hair 

In short, it’s fine to go a few days without washing your hair. In fact, if you straighten your hair, treat yourself to a blowout, or have your hair styled for you, you might want to wait a few days before washing your hair. 

Shampooing works the same way as when you wash your skin — removing dirt and oils from your hair. The body works to naturally keep hair oiled by excreting something called sebum oil from sebaceous glands. This is another type of oil that is removed by shampoo. 

Moisture in your hair isn’t a bad thing. In fact, moisture can make your hair less likely to look dry or break off. But, on the other hand, moisture can also make your hair look greasy and dirty. All of this depends on how oily your hair gets naturally and how often you go between washes.

Learn more about the different types of hair and how those hairstyles can help dictate how often you should wash your hair.  

Oily Hair

Hair is often oiler when it is fine and straight. Your body naturally secretes oil into your hair. This means that if your hair is naturally straight and fine, the oil spreads faster and looks more prominent on your hair. This is a great instance when your hair might look greasy after just one day. Out of pure necessity, you might find yourself washing your hair more frequently to remove excess oil and keep your hair looking clean.

Coarse and Thick Hair 

Curly and thick hair is more likely to be dry. This means that your hair wants and easily absorbs the oil naturally secreted by your body. This also means that it might take a few days for your hair to start looking dirty or greasy so you can go longer between washes and still have hair that looks clean and healthy. In fact, people with thick or coarse hair might prefer waiting a few days to give their natural oils time to keep their scalp and hair moisturized before washing out that oil with shampoo. 

Dry Scalp

Some scalps tend to be more dry, which also means that the body is producing less oil to help moisturize the scalp and hair. In these instances, you might want to wait longer between washes to give that natural oil plenty of time to moisturize your hair and scalp. 

Other Products

Different replacements for hair washing have emerged out of a lack of time or not wanting to take time to style hair every day. Products like dry shampoos and leave-in conditioners aim to help take care of your hair when you don’t have time to properly wash and condition your hair. 

It’s important to note that these products are not a replacement for washing your hair. Like you wash your body to remove dirt and keep your skin clean and moisturized, you want to do the same thing for your hair. While these products might give your have a few extra days before the oil builds up, they are not a complete replacement for shampooing and conditioning. 

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There is no simple answer to the question: “Should you wash your hair every day?” But we hope that this post gave you some more insight into the level of care different hair textures require. Whether you stick to washing your hair every day or waiting until you can’t wait any more, just make sure you’re keeping your hair moisturized and happy. 

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