Popular Men’s Haircuts


Haircuts are just as important for men as they are for women. In fact, some men make more frequent trips to their nearby hair salon, depending on how fast their hair grows and how short they want their hair to stay. 

That’s why, in this post, we want to discuss some popular types of men’s haircuts. From the classic to something a little more unique, there are a lot of ways men can cut or style their hair. 

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Haircuts for Men 

For some reason, men and haircuts never seem to go together. But the fact of the matter is that haircuts are very important for men. In fact, men who wear their hair shorter might find themselves making monthly trips to their hair salon. 

In this post we will discuss some popular styles of men’s haircuts. Learn more and find the style that’s right for you. 

Side Part

The side part is making a comeback, allowing men to have some expression through their hair. The side part, while fairly self-explanatory, involves parting hair to one side. 

In order to achieve a true side part, a barber will create something called a “hard part” using a razor blade to define where the part should be. This makes the side part more pronounced and your hair easier to style.  

Who wears this? Famous celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio have shown off the side part as part of their hairstyle. 

Comb Over 

While a comb over might seem similar to a side part, the emphasis of the comb over is placed on the hair looking pulled to the side. A side part works to create a clear, definitive part while the comb over wants to use the hair to create volume.  The combover look is best achieved using a blow dryer and a small amount of wax. 

Who wears this? Famous male celebrities, including Justin Timberlake, have been seen styling comb overs. 

Crew Cut 

A crew cut is where the top is kept longer with a fade. But what is a fade? Fades are an important component in many classic hairstyles. Fades are when the hair is tapered in the back and sides. Think about it like your hair fading into your head. Crew cuts involve fades on the side but the hair on the top of the head is left just a little longer. 

Another variation of the crew cut is called the Ivy League which leaves enough hair on the top of the head for a side part or bangs. 

Who wears this? Crew cuts are most commonly known as the haircuts given to men enlisted in the military — specifically the US Marines. 

Buzz Cuts 

Buzz cuts involve cutting all of the hair close to the scalp, giving the entire head a uniform haircut. 

Who wears this? We talked about the popularity of crew cuts in the military. Buzz cuts are another style popularized by military (and can be traced back to the Second World War). Buzz cuts also create a look of uniformity among soldiers. 


Fringe is a type of men’s hairstyle that lets gravity do all the work. In this hairstyle, the hair falls down across the forehead, creating a fringed look. Another way to refer to this is bangs.  A fringe hairstyle requires two to four inches of hair, depending on your desired look. 

Faux Hawk 

A faux hawk hairstyle is inspired by the iconic mohawk, but is tamed and perfect for an everyday look. The faux hawk involves side fades while the hair on the top of the head is kept longer. Angular cuts allow you to easily style your hair into a mini mohawk using gel. 

If you don’t have time to style your faux hawk, the longer hair can be worn down in a fringe. 

Who wears this? You might recognize David Beckham and Orlando Bloom as two celebrities who love their faux hawk hairstyle.  


The undercut has become popular more recently. This style creates a stark contrast between the side and top of the head. The sides are buzzed, with the hair cut closely to the head. But on the top, the hair is left much longer. The long and short hair is marked by a stark change instead of a faded contrast. 

Who wears this? With the recent popularity of this hairstyle, male and female celebrities alike have been sporting this look, including Adam Levine, Brad Pitt, Ryan Reynolds, and even Miley Cyrus. 

Man Bun

The man bun is becoming an increasingly popular style that is most commonly associated with the “hipster man.” Achieving a true man bun can take some time because it requires hair long enough to pull up. This look is very simple, involving sweeping hair toward the crown in a loose ponytail. But, since this hairstyle requires longer hair, men should take more time when it comes to hair care — including washing, conditioning, and styling. A Moxie hairdresser can help give you the best hair care pointers when it comes to your man bun! 

Origins of the Man Bun. Did you know that the man bun can be traced back to the 2nd Millennium BCE? Called the sacred bun, it was commonly shown in depictions of Shiva, a Hindu deity, and early representations of Buddha. 

Trust Your Nearby Salon

When it comes to men’s haircuts, there is a never-ending list of options. This list only touched on some of the options when it comes to men’s hairstyles and haircuts. 

If you have a hairstyle you’re ready to try — or need to discuss your options with a hairdresser — schedule an appointment at Moxie Salon and Beauty Bar in New Jersey. Just find your nearby salon location and book an appointment!