Our 5 Favorite Bridesmaid Hairstyles


Summer is quickly approaching which means that summer wedding season is almost here. There are countless details that go into planning a wedding, from finding the venue and the perfect dress down to deciding on bridesmaid hairstyles. Keeping track of all of those details is challenging, but choosing bridesmaid hairstyles is a chance to coordinate with the special ladies that will be by your side on your special day.

But before you start looking at bridesmaid hairstyles, make sure you have an idea of how you’re going to wear your own hair. This will help you narrow down hairstyles for your bridesmaids, like whether they are going to match your hair or do something completely different.

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Choosing The Right Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Do you want your bridesmaids wearing the same hairstyle as you, creating a look that is succinct? Or do you want them to mix up their hairstyles to show off their natural hair or wear a style that contrasts with your own?

Once you know the right aesthetic for your bridal party, you can start sifting through bridesmaid hairstyles. Use these five bridesmaid hairstyles as a resource for helping you and your bridal party look beautiful on the big day!

Formal Updo

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If you want to carry that feeling throughout your bridal party, a classic formal updo might be the best choice. An updo ensures that everyone’s hair stays out of their face — and the wind — for flawless pictures and a beautiful bridal party.

There are many options with a formal updo, including a chignon with simple accent pieces, tightly-woven braids, a wrapped headband, or the classic french twist. All of these options create a beautiful and formal wedding updo.

Variations: Add some flowers or accent with hair pieces to make the updo pop. If you have a specific wedding color, have the bridesmaids add a piece of ribbon to tie that color into their hairstyle!

Messy French Twist Updo

If you want an updo, but are looking for something more whimsical, a messy french twist is another great option. Let some loosely hang from the updo and hold back on the hair spray. This bridesmaid hairstyle is perfect for a bohemian-inspired or modern wedding and your bridesmaids are sure to look elegant with their messy french twists!

Variations: If you’re looking for something that’s not a french twist, there are other variations that will still achieve a cute, messy updo! Ask your hairstylist about other braids that could be incorporated or add pins and flowers to their hair for something different.

Half-Up Half-Down Hairdo

The half-up, half-down is a classic hairstyle, and gives your bridesmaids an effortless but elegant look. Your bridesmaids can go with simple ponytails or add braids, curls, flowers, and clips for a more complex hairdo. Smooth the hair around the crown and add curls for another layer of sophistication with this look.

Variations: If you’re worried about this look being too informal for your special occasion, there are small details that can make this look suitable for even the most formal wedding, like flowers or hair accessories that match your hair and veil.

Down And Natural Hairdo

Show off your bridesmaids’ hair, whether it’s straight, wavy, or curly. Have your bridesmaids wear their hair down and show off their natural style.

Variations: To give this look a little bit of style, you can have your bridesmaids clip a small piece to the side. If they have longer bangs or your wedding is outside, this will keep hair from blowing in their face. If you want a look that’s succinct, ask your bridesmaids to straighten their hair or add curls.

Waves With Side Braid Hairdo

If you’re planning a bohemian style wedding, braids and flowers will help you and your bridal party achieve that look. Have your bridesmaids wear their hair down with a single braid that is swept to the side and pinned. Add in loose waves to give their hair dimension and a little bounce.

Variations: If you love the braided look, you can have your bridesmaids add more than one braid! Ask your hairstylist about other variations to this look. If you’re going for a flower-filled ceremony, weave some matching flowers into their braids.  

Let Moxie Salon & Beauty Bar Take Care Of Your Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Your wedding is a special day and every little detail matters, down to picking the right bridesmaid hairstyles. But if you have an idea of how your want your bridal party’s hair to look, you can save valuable time when the big day comes.

Let the team at Moxie Salon & Beauty Bar in New Jersey help you prepare for your special day. When you choose our skilled team of hairstylists, you can feel pampered on your wedding day and spend more time focusing on the other wedding details. Book an appointment today at one of our nearby salons and let us know your bridesmaid hairstyle expectations.