Fall Makeup Trends


Fall is here, and so are the fall makeup trends. Have you stayed up-to-date on the latest trends? 

In this post, we want to share some of the new makeup trends we expect to see more of this fall. There is a little something for someone, depending on the amount of makeup — and the level of bold — you want this fall. 

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Fall Makeup Trends 

Summer was about pastels, coral, sunkissed skin, and lips. But fall brings new makeup trends and ways to experiment with your routine.

To help you navigate all the new trends to try this fall, we’ve compiled some of the fall makeup trends you can expect to see this year. From simple styles to something bold and glamorous, there are a lot of new and traditional makeup trends that are looking to be popular this fall. 

Learn more about the different trends below. If you want to try some out for yourself, book an appointment with a makeup artist who can help teach you the techniques and ways to incorporate the trend into your existing makeup routine! 

Barely-There Makeup

Earlier this year, Marc Jacobs unveiled a no-makeup makeup look on their models. With this style, don’t be afraid to go simple on your makeup. Opt for light concealer, lip balm, and add a little bit of mascara to complete the look. 


Fall is the perfect time to incorporate simple, flushed blush. Add just a soft pink to your cheeks to make this subtle blush look. To further extend the tone of this style, add soft lips and eyes. 

Dewy Skin

Dewy skin glows and looks hydrated. But with fall, we’re closer to colder weather where skin starts to dry out and the summer glow starts to fade. So it’s not a surprise that dewy skin will continue to be popular this fall.

Achieve a dewy skin look on your face with a minimal foundation, neutral eyeshadow, and a glowy complexion.  

Sparkle and Glitter 

This one might feel more over-the-top, but sparkle and glitter is a trend to watch for this fall — especially if you’re planning a fun ladies night out. Just add some glitter to your eyelids and lips or choose an eyeshadow that will give you a little bit of sparkle in the sun. 


You read that right: neon. What pairs better with sparkles and glitter than neon? We’re already seeing little flashes of color, especially through eyeshadow and eyeliner. Choose some bold neon to help make a statement this fall. Swap out your black eyeliner for a neon one, making a traditional wing stand out. 


If neon colors don’t feel quite your style, try a splash of watercolor instead. This look blends vibrant eyeshadows together to create a bold look that draws attention straight to your eyes. We’ve seen this style from designers like Collina Strada and Eckhaus Latta. 

Classic Wing

We love our classic wings. This fall, the timeless classic wing will still be in. But while this style remains a classic, we’ve seen some new ways to mix up your traditional wing. This includes pairing it with just a hint of eyeshadow in the crease or a smudged wing.

Red Lips 

If you’re looking for a bold look this fall, try adding some matte red lipstick to your makeup routine. Designers like Louis Vuitton pair bolder lips with a fierce wing. To really make your lipstick pop, apply minimal makeup on the rest of your face, keeping the attention on your lips. 

Pinks and Purples

Some big designers like Valentino and Michael Kors have been adding hints of pinks and purples to their looks this fall. Pair some eyeshadow with a nude lip for a look that is both simple but add some color around your eyes.  


When it comes to lashes and mascara, bigger is better this fall. Some runways have shown models with ultra-thick eyelashes. If you’re looking to draw attention to your eye, pair thick lashes with a softer makeup palette. If you have short lashes, or volumizing mascara doesn’t give you enough volume, pick up a pair of fake lashes to help you achieve this look.

Lip Liner 

While this look might be inspired by the 90s, lip liner will give your lips a natural shade this fall. Just make sure to choose a lip liner that’s one or two shaders darker than your lipstick to create that natural shade look. 

Light or Bleached Brows 

We’ve seen bleached brows on runways like Valentino, Prada, and Alexander Wang. Pair bleached brows with a soft eyeshadow to create a powerful and effortless look. 

If you’re not ready to bleach your eyebrows, think about doing your eyebrows lighter than you normally would. This creates a subtle arch that’s perfect for fall — not to mention the nod this style makes to its retro roots in the 90s. 

Neutral Smokey Eye

The smokey eye is a Friday night classic. But for fall, designers like Tom Ford have been lighting up the smokey eye to create smokey neutrals that, when combined with a light cheek and lip, create a soft, monotone look. Get a softer smokey eye that’s perfect to wear all fall long! 

Graphic 60s

Like with the touches of glitter and sparkle, this is another bold look. You can expect to see some designers and makeup artists experiment with the appearance of larger, graphic eyes. This can include framing the eyes with black and white lines or adding a thick line of black eyeliner around the bottom eyelid.

The result is a dramatic look that makes your eyes look larger and exaggerated. To take the look one step further, you can glue false eyelashes to the bottom lid. 

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We hope that this post gave you some inspiration for updating your makeup routine this fall. From a simple, almost makeup-less look to the more eccentric styles, there are plenty of new trends to try this fall. 

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